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I am a civil litigator and trial lawyer. I litigate in state and federal court and arbitration. I do not handle divorce or criminal law. I do handle most every other problem or dispute you can think of in your business, personal life or career. I am here to help you or your business solve any problems before you have to go to court. If you are already being sued or need to sue, I advise you of your rights, remedies and defenses. I protect and pursue your interests under the law.

Uncompromising Representation 

I have represented a wide range of corporations, LLCs, partnerships, trusts and other business entities, in and out of court. I have handled all sizes of business, from mom and pop, to mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, including banks and insurance companies, both private and public. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, so I have the ability to see and evaluate problems from both sides.

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Personal Attention  

My representation is personal and continuous during the course of our lawyer-client relationship. I tackle problems without delay. I listen to you and get the facts. I learn your business. I investigate and research your problem. Then, I develop my strategy and tactics and discuss them with you, giving you the pros and cons of litigation, an estimate of my fees and costs, and the likelihood of success and what that entails.

Relentless Legal Representation

For every client, I offer focused, skilled and uncompromising representation. I am accessible when you need me. I understand that your time is just as valuable as mine. I am candid. I get to the point quickly. I am relentless. I know how to clearly establish evidence in a case, prove it, and win. I am meticulous. I pay great attention to detail, and am completely prepared for trial. I use my powers of persuasion. I use the full measure of my knowledge when presenting your case in court.

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