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Fraud and Deceptive Practices Attorney

Clients typically know when they have been the victims of a fraud or deception. When more than one person commits the fraud, it is a conspiracy. Fraud can be as simple as being told something that is not true, buying something that is not as advertised, lied to about real estate, being scammed into giving up your money, or bait and switch. Or it can be more complex, like identity theft, fraudulent transfer of assets, unfair and deceptive business practices, product disparagement, false advertising, defamation, or other business practices that unfairly affect employees or consumers.

You have Legal Rights

The law gives you the right to sue for money damages, obtain injunctions to stop the fraud from occurring further, and even seize assets. Quick legal action is necessary to locate the wrongdoers and obtain their records, which is accomplished by filing suit and conducting discovery on an expedited basis.

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