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Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate Attorney

I prepare all manner of real estate contracts, and litigate any disputes which arise from contracts.

Commercial Real Estate Contracts

Commercial real estate agreements, including leases and finance or purchase and sale contracts, have no standard form. They typically contain clauses which deal with revenue, costs, inventory, equipment, fixtures, ingress and egress, build-outs to suit tenants, zoning, and other issues germane to commercial acquisitions and financing.

Residential Real Estate Contracts

In Florida, most Realtors use a standard form of purchase and sale contract for residential real estate. This contract covers everything involved in a home sale, including closing date, financing, inspection, cost of repair, closing costs, tax pro-ration, escrow arrangements post-closing, and default. There is a clause for brokerage fee disputes, and another which says that disputes go to arbitration or court. They also have a clause that awards attorney’s fees to the prevailing party in any dispute.

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