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Contract Disputes

Breach of Contract

The bare legal essentials of an enforceable written contract are a meeting of the minds and clear, unambiguous language explaining the agreement being made. In business and real estate, of course, contracts contain much more than those essential terms, and contract disputes arise if a term is unclear and ambiguous. In the absence of settlement, litigation will ensue.

Employment Contracts

I interpret contracts, advise you of your legal rights and remedies, recommend a course(s) of action, and represent you as a plaintiff or defendant in court. It is best if you come to me before making business decisions and acting under the contract, since I can guide you on what to do, verbally and in writing, and protect you best. For example, if you want to leave your job but have an employment contract with a non-competition or a non-solicitation clause, I can advise and guide your actions, so that you achieve the best result possible. If you leave and your ex-employer sues to get an injunction against you, I vigorously represent you in court.