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Insurance Lawyer

Insurance is pervasive in our business and personal lives. It demands our attention and involves a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately, most individuals only review their insurance policies when something goes wrong.   Insurance is invaluable and you expect your claim to be covered.

Insurance Litigation

I have extensive experience in insurance litigation, including claims involving health, homeowners, business premises, title, life, disability, fidelity, surety and director and officer insurances.  I only represent individual or group insureds, having previously represented large insurance companies. Having worked for both sides, I have a strong working knowledge of how insurance carriers operate, and how claims are made and handled.

Florida law provides for an award of attorneys’ fees to an insured person who prevails in a suit against the insurance company. This aspect of the law provides me flexibility in deciding whether to represent a client on an hourly or contingency basis. Moreover, due to the potential costs involved if they lose a lawsuit, insurance companies will carefully consider whether a decision to deny your claim is a smart business decision.